Bunny Camp - Small Pet Boarding in Dorchester

Payment is required in full on the day of
arrival. The rate below is per night and there is a minimum charge of 3 nights' stay. 

You can pay by cheque (payable to KE Osborne) or by cash.

Rabbit £4.50, bonded pair £7
Giant Rabbit £6
Guinea pig £3.50, bonded pair £5, 3 = £6.50
Tortoise £4 (with UV & heat lamp £5)
Parrots/birds, starting at £5 a cage
Chinchillas and rats  £4.50
Hamsters and Gerbils £3.50
Others : please enquire
All the animals will be played with, groomed and attended to daily. We supply all hutches, runs, bedding and greens. Please bring your pet's favourite dried food.

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